How to Pre-Purchase a Foal

Do you want to reserve a 2024 foal in advance ?

Foal reservations are based on Sires and foal genders. We don't need to know which mare the foal you'll select is out of. All we need to know is which sire you're wanting a foal sired by and the desired gender of the foal. Foal selection is based in order of deposits received. We'll have a filly and colt list for each of our stallions. As they're born the foals will be offered to the 1st person on each of the Sires / gender lists. They can say "yes, that's the one for me" or "no, I'll pass and wait to see what foal is born next". If they say "No" to a particular foal, we'll move on to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ect. on that list. Once a client says "Yes" that's it, that foal belongs to them and their deposit is applied to that foal. They've completed their purchase and I no longer offer them the next foal born. The next client on the list will be notified first as the next foal is born. If everyone on the list passes on a particular foal, I'll list them for sale on our website.

Offering to pre purchase a foal gives serious clients the opportunity and guarantee that they'll be able to purchase one of our foals. Clients will just have to check their emails daily during foaling season to see what has been born, without having to be online when they're listed for sale.

A $1000. deposit is required to be added to each of the list. At the end of foaling season, if no foals are born that interest you, your deposit can be applied to the following year, moving you up the selection list.

If you'd like to be added to any one of our list for a 2024 foal please contact us.