How to Reserve / Purchase a Horse

Sale horses will be posted under "Horses for Sale" on Foothills Ranch's website.

When you find a horse that you would like to purchase,
please notify us at : 

Please send your email to both addresses above to ensure we receive it

Once you notify us with which weanling/horse you would like, we will then put "Sale Pending" on the weanling/horse page that you selected. In the event that there is more then one person interested in the same horse at the same time, the horse will be marked "Sale Pending" for the first person who requests to reserve that particular one. Each horse will remain on "Sale Pending" status until your deposit, and purchase agreement have been received. Please print off, fill in and return the purchase agreement with your deposit. Purchase Agreements are mandatory and must accompany the deposit. They can be mailed or scanned and returned via email

We allow 3 business days to receive a deposit or email notification with a tracking number showing your deposit has been sent if you choose to send it by mail. If we do not receive a deposit or have a tracking number within 3 business days, the horse will be put back on available status.

A $1000 deposit is required to reserve the horse you would like to purchase. A second payment of $1000 is due on or before July 15th. All payments including deposits are Non-Refundable. Balance/Full payment must be received before September 1st of the current year. Applicable hauling fees must be received on or prior to September 1st as well. This date is set in order to have enough time to have the horses vetted and ready for transport. The majority of transportation is scheduled for the months of September and October. For all other horses sold during the remainder of the year please contact us for payment and transportation dates.

Foals and horses are for sale year round with delivery available however transportation fees may or may not be a bit more expensive after the months of September and October. 

Please contact us for more info.

Transport fees are $795 for our own foals and $995 for our own yearlings and older, to most locations within the USA and Canada. We'll deliver to an area near you. We can also provide delivery to your yard if you can not meet us on route. For more info on hauling and fees see "Hauling info". Please remember that your payments, including your deposit are NOT refundable. Should your weanling/horse and transport fees not be paid in full by the deadlines indicated (unless other arrangements have been made), the weanling/horse will not be scheduled for transport and will be offered for sale to another buyer.

Deposits can be made by  PayPal , certified checks, bank drafts, E- Transfer or any Financial Institution issued International money orders. We also accept Visa and Master Card payments, direct deposit and bank wire. Call or email for details.

No personal checks or postal money orders will be accepted.

Payment methods payable to " Miles and Suzanne Snider " can be mailed to:


Miles and Suzanne Snider
Box 109 Roseisle, Manitoba, Canada

If you have any questions , please email Suzanne at
Once your deposit and purchase agreement are received, "SOLD" status will be placed on your horse!