Boarding and Training

  • We have large spacious paddocks / pastures, with large shelters and automatic waterers.
  • There is an isolation area for new boarders to ensure the health of our other horses.
  • We monitor your horse's needs and all horses are fed based on their individual requirements.
  • 80 x 100 and 40 x 60 heated barns.
  • 70 x 152 Indoor Riding Arena.
  • Daily exercise and supervision.
Your board includes:
  • Quality tested feed. Pasture grazing in Spring through to Fall.
  • Automatic waterers - Fresh Water troughs.
  • Fresh bedding and Shelters.
  • Salt and Mineral Blocks in all paddocks / pastures.
Other services provided :
  • Farrier, Veterinary & Dentistry services are scheduled routinely.
  • We will arrange appointments for your horse as per your request / approval and provide personal handling.
  • Deworming every 60 days.
  • Regular vaccinations.
  • Transportation arrangements for your horse.
  • Breeding and foaling.
  • Guided trail rides.
  • Training.
  • Equine Photography.

Cost associated with these services for each horse will be directed to each individual horse owner.

Updated: 09/15/2016

Guided Trail Rides
Guided Trail Rides

70 x 152 indoor arena and quarantine barn
Indoor Arena and Quarantine Barn

Boarding and Training Rates
Outdoor Board: $250.00 / month

Indoor Board: $350.00 / month

Overnight layovers: $30.00 a night / boxstall

Training: $400 / month or $25 / hour

Arena rates: $ 10.00 per horse / visit

Insurance is horse owner's responsibility and highly recommended.
All prices listed are subject to 5% Government Sales Tax.

Indoor Box Stalls
Indoor Box Stalls

Indoor and Outdoor Boarding available for horses of all ages
Indoor and Outdoor Boarding available for horses of all ages